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Tuesday, 28 May 2013 @ 10:32 | 0 Heart [s]

comel kann ?

Assalamualaikum pembuka bicara :)
hello readers . hurm .. today i want sharing about one quotes .
semakin banyak kemanisan yg kita teguk sblum nikah , smakin hambar ssuatu prhubungan itu slpas nikahh .
okayy . i know that im only form 3 students . it is not a suitable time to talk about this , rite ? but , HAHA . i dont know why i am a step forward in this case . okay2 , as im a maahadians , so this question springs to my mind . 
why need we love , if not the intention to marry ?
on my opinion , maahadians usually thinks future , rite ? ney yg banyak aku jumpe lhaa .. kata cikgu , jodoh tu boleh berubah .. according to our efforts to live together . but , akan kekal ke rasa suka tu ? see , im still raw to talk about this . 

why im private my blog ? hmm . aku private kan .., because i need my privacy to write this post . its not surprise when he always knows what is in my mind . seems im not free to story about the relay . i just can only pray for us .., hoping that we can live together in future ! *asal gatai sangadd ney ?*

kite masih kecik , masih mentah . sorry for start it . i know i've make u fall in love with me . i know that u are serious , rite ? i do love u . but , i dont know until when our feeling will last ? im afraid of leaving u actually . thats why , i want us to make Allah as the king of our heart . it means , we will meet and break for Him :')

hurm...im happy actually when u say u want to stop from being active in fb .., and im no longer use the handphone , rite ? it means we will rarely contact . just being like this :
if you love somebody, let him go, if he comes back, he's yours forever .

love someone for the sake of Allah .


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